WPC Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision Statement

We, the members of Washington Presbyterian Church, hold the following values to be integral to our vision of our congregation: to love one another as God loves us, to teach and lead by Christ's example, to spread the Word and Works of God through mission, to reach out to others, caring for all without judgment and growing together as one body, united in our Lord.

Our Mission Statement

We, the congregation of Washington Presbyterian Church, recognize that life is a gift from God and through Him we see ourselves:

Unconditionally Sharing God's Love: We believe worship is the central focus of the Christian community. We follow the traditions of reformed faith, using prayer, the Bible, music, preaching, and spiritual reflection to help us understand God's mighty power and love.

Teaching and Leading in the Spirit of Christ: We provide opportunities for those new to Christianity to explore all aspects of the meaning of being a Christian. We seek to provide growth in personal faith and knowledge of Christ. We share our love of the Lord by thoughts, words and deeds, and constantly seek to learn more about our community of faith through bible study and fellowship.

Spreading the Word and Work of Jesus Christ: We are called to be God's disciples in the community, the nation, and the world. We believe that ALL have been blessed with spiritual gifts, and that through the use of these gifts we are able to further God's kingdom here on Earth.

Caring for Others without Judgment: We seek to be a community of care and inclusion. We are called upon to welcome, love, and encourage everyone. We seek to provide ministry to all, strengthening their faith as adults and encouraging youth to trust the abundant love of Jesus Christ.

Praying together for guidance: When we pray, we invite God into our lives, making us more spiritually minded and drawing us closer to God.